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Use Crowdin to Translate & Localize VitePress

VitePress is a Vite & Vue powered static site generator. When I started building a multiple languages document site, I realized this was not an easy job. The main project of CranSurvey is using Crowdin to translate i18n files. What about using it on the VitePress site? How to use it?

Deal with `private-user-images` when Fetching GitHub Discussion Body

When I built the new version of this blog, I used the bodyHTML that was provided by the GitHub Discussions API to improve performance. Everything went well at first, but when I set a cache for the content, the images were all broken. I found private-user-images.githubusercontent.com maybe caused this problem. This blog will introduce how I dealt with it.

Using Fetch to Make GraphQL Queries

You can query a GraphQL API using JavaScript's built-in fetch API in a simple way, without any libraries or dependencies.